Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New Blog

I was left a comment the other day about a new blog you may wish to check out:

I have also added a link on the right in the blog's list.

A few days off

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but my poor run has continued and I have decided to batten down the hatches so to speak and take a couple of days away to spend some time considering what I am doing wrong and how I can change things around.

I think I have been served up my fair share of bad luck recently which was highlighted the other day when I had backed Miss Sarenne for £100 and I was counting the winnings and celebrating McCoy on his 3000th winner when down it came at the last fence when well clear.

I have had a few 'bad beats' like that the last few days and I have let it get to me. Self discipline is so important in this game and if you lose it and go on TILT you can soon be staring at a very poor P&L statement. Thankfully I have been able to recognise things are not going well and have stopped to look at why. You don't just become bad at this game overnight. I think I have let this poor run of form just get to me and get me down and hopefully I can turn it around.

I have therefore decided to take today off - well the decision was kind of made for me. I thought with Musselburgh reinspecting at 11am that the meeting would go ahead, however, when that was cancelled I decided to do something else, the hoovering - joy oh joy, but it has given me the chance to think about things. I logged onto the BF forum and see that the site was down for the first few races anyhow so I am glad I didn't bother wasting anytime.

It seems from looking around the blogs that quite a few people are having a tough time of it so far this year and I don't think the weather is helping matters and prospects don't look to much better for the rest of the week. With Kelso already off tomorrow and Chepstow inspecting at 8.30am I will take the day off if Chepstow is off otherwise I will crack on as we have Dubai on plus 2 AW fixtures.

Anyway I hope all you readers are doing better than me at the moment, is anyone else having a tough time?

Monday, 9 February 2009

My Link to The Form Guru

I was left a comment last night asking what my link to The Form Guru tipping service is. I am guessing the person who left it does not read the comments left on the blog as they would understand what my link with them is if they did.

The comment left yesterday was:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Are you connected with "The Form Guru" in any way or getting paid to promote them? You mention in every posting several times so either it's a fantastic service or there's something in it for you. If you are "promoting", it's not a problem, but you should let people know. Thanks for the blog :)

I do not mind saying what my link is which follows a comment that was left on the blog by the owners of The Form Guru at the start of this month just before their free trial started:
info said...


We have read your blog for a while and like how you both trade and bet and play inrunning.

We also noticed that you mentioned you follow some tipping services.

We are a new tipping service and we are offering our selections for FREE for the whole of February and wondered if you would be interested in taking us up on this offer.

Our website is and you can register there just by filling out a very short form.

The service we offer is Back selections, Lay Selections and Back to Lay Selections.

All of our selections/results are proofed through the well known Racing Index service to both SP and BFSP so you can have complete confidence in them.

We have two strong selections today which if you contact us before 3pm today we will send straight to you.

After the FREE trial you are under no obligation to continue with us but if you do wish to we will charge just £1 a day on a 30day subscription period.

If you would be willing to display our selections after each days racing on your blog and add a link to us on your blog we are willing to offer you a special deal which will also include a link to your blog from our site.

As we said this offer is completely FREE, all we need is an email address from you and your name so we can send you the daily email.

You can find our site at

Many thanks,

The Form Guru

As they said, they were willing to offer me a "special deal" which includes a link to my blog on their site. I don't mind saying that they have offered me a free trial of their service which is longer than the one month that is available to anyone who registers with them. I have in fact been offered a two month free trial and a deal if I subscribe after that.

I have no issue with stating that that is the relationship as I know that the same offer has been made to other blogs such as JP's Betting Blog., which you can see by clicking here.

Anyway I hope that clears up the issue and answers Anonymous's comment?

I shall continue to post the selections up both good and bad as I have done since the free trial began, but at present they are all pretty good with just one loser so far this month.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The run continues

The title of this post is two fold, firstly my own poor form is continuing though at the same time the tipster that recently contacted me about a free trial is continuing their good form - I wish the same could be said about me.

I haven't really been in the mood to post recently given the poor form I am in, I find it hard to do a post when things are not going your way but I guess you can't just talk about the good times. I hope by detailing my poor form at the moment on here it will help me break out of the cycle.

Friday didn't go very well and I ended up about £70 d
own for the day. The current weather is making the races very tough for the horses and that was shown perfectly in the 14.40 at Fontwell when Kayf Aramis was cruising in front and looked to have the race sown up. Over £15,000 was traded at 1.01. However, on the run in he began to hang badly and pull himself up. I had thought my back bet of £44 on him at 1.16 was in the bank having already done a trade on Latanier by backing him at 2.6 and laying off at 2.2. This as you can see below meant I was looking at picking up £14.

Though as I said the horse began to pull himself up and Latanier came from well back to come through and win the race. This just about summed up my day - so close yet so far!

I decided to try out my trading on Saturday and follow on with the idea that had worked so well the weekend before. Unfortunately it didn't go anywhere near as well and if I hadn't gone on a run of winning races towards the end of the day it would have been worse.

The day was saved however by The Form Guru who tipped up Pause and Clause as their only bet for the day which won easily at a Betfair SP of 2.42. When I received the tip I had a look at the race and I strongly fancied the horse so I decided to have £100 on at 6/4.

The tipping service is on a great run at the moment and have given so far this month 5 selections of which 4 have won. Anyone wanting to register for the free trial can do so by click here.

I have decided to not bother with trading today as there is only one meeting on and so am instead going to watch the football. I am going to have one bet today that I have been tipped, I was given the same horse by two tipsters and agree with the selection so will be having a decent size bet on it.

If you are doing anything today best of luck!


Well I hope you all registered with The Form Guru as they have just racked up another winner to make it 5 winners from 6 bets since the start of February and I have just had a sizeable win. The horse was Premio Loco and he just won at Kempton. That win has made the weeks P&L look a lot better - time for United v West Ham!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

2 winners from 2!

I wish the title of the post was referring to my own betting - unfortunately it is not!

Today my betting was shocking, I had just the one small win from my own selections and to be honest that wasn't exactly much to write home about. When I got up this morning and looked out the window there was a fresh covering of snow. So on went my wellies and out I went for a walk. Given the headlines on the news I wasn't expecting any racing to be on so I didn't have a look at the racing before I went out for a walk.

When I got home I put on ATR and was surprised that we had a 4 meeting feast, so I did something stupid and tried to look through all four meetings. I quickly ruled out the Dubai card, however I didn't have long enough left before the start of racing to have a proper look at the other three meetings so I ended up spending too little time on each rather than concentrating on just two of them.

When betting there is no substitute for putting the time in, if you put little in you will get little out and that is what I got today, well actually I got nothing out - I lost!

Once the racing was underway I got the daily email through from The Form Guru. The last few days they have not had any selections so I wasn't expecting anything today given the fact the racing was already underway before the email was sent out. However, they had two selections:

1. 2 Points win bet on Merrion Tiger in the 14.30 at Southwell

2. 2 Point lay bet of Bruslini in the 15.20 at Taunton

As I had a gap until the next bet and was eating my lunch I looked through the form using the Racing Post and I agreed with both selections so I put a bit on Merrion Tiger at SP on Betfair which returned a nice 3.05 and I laid Bruslini.

Merrion Tiger didn't win as well as I would have thought, however the lay of Bruslini was in the bank a long way from home as it was well beaten into 4th by 23 length.

Anyone wanting to register for their selections can do so for free for the rest of February by clicking here.

If it wasn't for those two selections I would have had a dire day but in the end I got away with a relatively small loss. Hopefully the racing on Friday and Saturday will both survive the weather as there is some great racing scheduled.

Hope you had a better day than me!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow stops play

As I said the other day in my last post I didn't expect to do much betting these last few days due to the snow and today wasn't much different.

I didn't like the look of today's racing this morning and I was right to tread cautiously, the day seemed riddled with dodgy short priced favourites, who had holes in their form, but didn't have enough against them to lay, or otherwise tremendously competitive handicaps.

As it turned out, a lot of the short priced favourites at Lingfield and Down Royal did get beat, so perhaps I should have laid them, but I like to have a few horses with good form running for me if I'm laying. The one that probably got away as regards a bet was Five Star Junior, who looked in command of two of today's rivals when they met here two starts ago, and so despite the rise in weights, he was always likely to beat them again, which he did with ease to complete his four in a row. Still I didn't miss much at 11/10 and I hate backing horses who I have left alone for all their previous victories, only for them to go up the weights and get beat, when I back them.

Hopefully Taunton tomorrow will be on but I am not sure any racing will be given the snow forecasts - though it would be good to get some proper jump racing back on the road!

The last few days The Form Guru who contacted me the other day and who are offering a free trial for the whole of February have not had any selections, not surprising given the weather.

Hopefully racing will be back on track soon. Though tonight I will be having a few beers and watching Liverpool v Everton. Should be a good match!

For anyone who missed it live today, WUBT radio was back on at 1pm hosted by the Man Of Mystery. You can listen to a replay of the show by click here. The show featured a full time poker player who travels the world and pays for it by playing poker online. It is a definatewly worth a listen!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Looking good

Today I continued to try out my new idea for trading and increased my bank upto £300 after yesterdays success. The results were good again and I got some nice moves, the best race of the day involving Limerick Boy and Ofarel DAiry in the 15.40 at Fontwell.

In that race as you can see below I got on Limerick Boy at 2.96 for £150 and laid off at 2.86. I then saw that Ofarel DAiry was showing a drift trend so I laid it for £300 at 1.98 and got out at 2.04. This meant I made a nice £14 from the race.

So the new trading style looks promising though I shall wait until next weekend to try it again.

The weather this week looks dire and I can't see there being much racing on, at least not in the first half of the week. I have got some jobs to do so will look to do them on Monday and Tuesday as I would be surprised if there will be any racing on at all.

Today I was also contacted by a new tipping service that is offering a free trial of their service throughout February. The tipping service is called The Form Guru and you can see their site by clicking here.

They are offering to anyone who registers at the site, their selections for the remainder of February, after which you can either leave or continue at £1 a day. They offer Back, Lay and Back to Lay selections. They have asked me to do a post which I don't mind doing one day this week when the racing is quiet.

I got todays selections from them which was a 4 point Win bet on Kalahari King which won and a 1 point win on Mohayer who was unplaced. I decided to put a little on the first bet as I fancied that horse as well but didn't back the other so got a nice profit.

Right time for the Super Bowl!