Monday, 9 February 2009

My Link to The Form Guru

I was left a comment last night asking what my link to The Form Guru tipping service is. I am guessing the person who left it does not read the comments left on the blog as they would understand what my link with them is if they did.

The comment left yesterday was:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Are you connected with "The Form Guru" in any way or getting paid to promote them? You mention in every posting several times so either it's a fantastic service or there's something in it for you. If you are "promoting", it's not a problem, but you should let people know. Thanks for the blog :)

I do not mind saying what my link is which follows a comment that was left on the blog by the owners of The Form Guru at the start of this month just before their free trial started:
info said...


We have read your blog for a while and like how you both trade and bet and play inrunning.

We also noticed that you mentioned you follow some tipping services.

We are a new tipping service and we are offering our selections for FREE for the whole of February and wondered if you would be interested in taking us up on this offer.

Our website is and you can register there just by filling out a very short form.

The service we offer is Back selections, Lay Selections and Back to Lay Selections.

All of our selections/results are proofed through the well known Racing Index service to both SP and BFSP so you can have complete confidence in them.

We have two strong selections today which if you contact us before 3pm today we will send straight to you.

After the FREE trial you are under no obligation to continue with us but if you do wish to we will charge just £1 a day on a 30day subscription period.

If you would be willing to display our selections after each days racing on your blog and add a link to us on your blog we are willing to offer you a special deal which will also include a link to your blog from our site.

As we said this offer is completely FREE, all we need is an email address from you and your name so we can send you the daily email.

You can find our site at

Many thanks,

The Form Guru

As they said, they were willing to offer me a "special deal" which includes a link to my blog on their site. I don't mind saying that they have offered me a free trial of their service which is longer than the one month that is available to anyone who registers with them. I have in fact been offered a two month free trial and a deal if I subscribe after that.

I have no issue with stating that that is the relationship as I know that the same offer has been made to other blogs such as JP's Betting Blog., which you can see by clicking here.

Anyway I hope that clears up the issue and answers Anonymous's comment?

I shall continue to post the selections up both good and bad as I have done since the free trial began, but at present they are all pretty good with just one loser so far this month.


  1. Hey up CCB I've added you as a link on my b l o g (betting losses - obvisously gambling) could you link back please? Cheers and good luck young man ha ha!! James

  2. Thanks for popping by I will add a link today.

    All the best.