Thursday, 5 February 2009

2 winners from 2!

I wish the title of the post was referring to my own betting - unfortunately it is not!

Today my betting was shocking, I had just the one small win from my own selections and to be honest that wasn't exactly much to write home about. When I got up this morning and looked out the window there was a fresh covering of snow. So on went my wellies and out I went for a walk. Given the headlines on the news I wasn't expecting any racing to be on so I didn't have a look at the racing before I went out for a walk.

When I got home I put on ATR and was surprised that we had a 4 meeting feast, so I did something stupid and tried to look through all four meetings. I quickly ruled out the Dubai card, however I didn't have long enough left before the start of racing to have a proper look at the other three meetings so I ended up spending too little time on each rather than concentrating on just two of them.

When betting there is no substitute for putting the time in, if you put little in you will get little out and that is what I got today, well actually I got nothing out - I lost!

Once the racing was underway I got the daily email through from The Form Guru. The last few days they have not had any selections so I wasn't expecting anything today given the fact the racing was already underway before the email was sent out. However, they had two selections:

1. 2 Points win bet on Merrion Tiger in the 14.30 at Southwell

2. 2 Point lay bet of Bruslini in the 15.20 at Taunton

As I had a gap until the next bet and was eating my lunch I looked through the form using the Racing Post and I agreed with both selections so I put a bit on Merrion Tiger at SP on Betfair which returned a nice 3.05 and I laid Bruslini.

Merrion Tiger didn't win as well as I would have thought, however the lay of Bruslini was in the bank a long way from home as it was well beaten into 4th by 23 length.

Anyone wanting to register for their selections can do so for free for the rest of February by clicking here.

If it wasn't for those two selections I would have had a dire day but in the end I got away with a relatively small loss. Hopefully the racing on Friday and Saturday will both survive the weather as there is some great racing scheduled.

Hope you had a better day than me!


  1. Like the blog! Good to know there are other people out there going thru the same thing. I'm learning to trade, started in December (2008), not doing brilliant but I can see the potential!

    Have you found the isolation a problem yet? That and "distractions" - like aimlessly surfing the web - are my biggest barrier.

    Good luck with your trading, keep up the blog, it's good reading!

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad that you are able to see potential in your trading! It is not easy especially at this time of the year so well done!

    Isolation I think can easily become a problem if you let it. To be honest I prefer working on my own, however, it is important to ensure you maintain a social life outside of trading hours, I would also recommend doig some sort of physical excercise each day as you can soon become unhealthy sitting at the computer all day.

    I can also relate to your comment about surfing the web. IT is easy to waste hours on the web so be careful that you do not allow it.

    Best of luck with your trading!