Sunday, 8 February 2009

The run continues

The title of this post is two fold, firstly my own poor form is continuing though at the same time the tipster that recently contacted me about a free trial is continuing their good form - I wish the same could be said about me.

I haven't really been in the mood to post recently given the poor form I am in, I find it hard to do a post when things are not going your way but I guess you can't just talk about the good times. I hope by detailing my poor form at the moment on here it will help me break out of the cycle.

Friday didn't go very well and I ended up about £70 d
own for the day. The current weather is making the races very tough for the horses and that was shown perfectly in the 14.40 at Fontwell when Kayf Aramis was cruising in front and looked to have the race sown up. Over £15,000 was traded at 1.01. However, on the run in he began to hang badly and pull himself up. I had thought my back bet of £44 on him at 1.16 was in the bank having already done a trade on Latanier by backing him at 2.6 and laying off at 2.2. This as you can see below meant I was looking at picking up £14.

Though as I said the horse began to pull himself up and Latanier came from well back to come through and win the race. This just about summed up my day - so close yet so far!

I decided to try out my trading on Saturday and follow on with the idea that had worked so well the weekend before. Unfortunately it didn't go anywhere near as well and if I hadn't gone on a run of winning races towards the end of the day it would have been worse.

The day was saved however by The Form Guru who tipped up Pause and Clause as their only bet for the day which won easily at a Betfair SP of 2.42. When I received the tip I had a look at the race and I strongly fancied the horse so I decided to have £100 on at 6/4.

The tipping service is on a great run at the moment and have given so far this month 5 selections of which 4 have won. Anyone wanting to register for the free trial can do so by click here.

I have decided to not bother with trading today as there is only one meeting on and so am instead going to watch the football. I am going to have one bet today that I have been tipped, I was given the same horse by two tipsters and agree with the selection so will be having a decent size bet on it.

If you are doing anything today best of luck!


Well I hope you all registered with The Form Guru as they have just racked up another winner to make it 5 winners from 6 bets since the start of February and I have just had a sizeable win. The horse was Premio Loco and he just won at Kempton. That win has made the weeks P&L look a lot better - time for United v West Ham!


  1. Hi there,

    Are you connected with "The Form Guru" in any way or getting paid to promote them? You mention in every posting several times so either it's a fantastic service or there's something in it for you. If you are "promoting", it's not a problem, but you should let people know. Thanks for the blog :)

  2. Hi, I have done a post on the blog which I hope clears this up for you?