Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A few days off

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but my poor run has continued and I have decided to batten down the hatches so to speak and take a couple of days away to spend some time considering what I am doing wrong and how I can change things around.

I think I have been served up my fair share of bad luck recently which was highlighted the other day when I had backed Miss Sarenne for £100 and I was counting the winnings and celebrating McCoy on his 3000th winner when down it came at the last fence when well clear.

I have had a few 'bad beats' like that the last few days and I have let it get to me. Self discipline is so important in this game and if you lose it and go on TILT you can soon be staring at a very poor P&L statement. Thankfully I have been able to recognise things are not going well and have stopped to look at why. You don't just become bad at this game overnight. I think I have let this poor run of form just get to me and get me down and hopefully I can turn it around.

I have therefore decided to take today off - well the decision was kind of made for me. I thought with Musselburgh reinspecting at 11am that the meeting would go ahead, however, when that was cancelled I decided to do something else, the hoovering - joy oh joy, but it has given me the chance to think about things. I logged onto the BF forum and see that the site was down for the first few races anyhow so I am glad I didn't bother wasting anytime.

It seems from looking around the blogs that quite a few people are having a tough time of it so far this year and I don't think the weather is helping matters and prospects don't look to much better for the rest of the week. With Kelso already off tomorrow and Chepstow inspecting at 8.30am I will take the day off if Chepstow is off otherwise I will crack on as we have Dubai on plus 2 AW fixtures.

Anyway I hope all you readers are doing better than me at the moment, is anyone else having a tough time?

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