Sunday, 18 January 2009

If it isn't the frost it is the rain!

Today's racing was looking like a promising day with a total of 5 meetings on but then the weather decided to put pay to that and caused three meetings to be canceled - unfortunately the two cards that remained were the ones I had not got around to looking at. So rather than spend all morning trying to find some bets for the sake of it I decided to go out for a walk as it was a lovely morning and with a whole afternoon ahead of me in front of the computer trying to trade the remaining two card I thought it best to get some fresh air.

On days where there is not much racing on I find it best to not really set yourself much of a target. With 13 races I decided £50 should be easily achievable, averaging just £4 a race which is only one or two ticks a race. Well as you can see below I traded on 12 of the races and managed a little over £50 which is pleasing enough as I was able to spend time between races catching up on other jobs as I only trade the 5minutes before the off.

Lets hope that the weather gives us all a break and we can get back to normal after what has been a dire period of cancellation after cancellation. It is also back to my main bread and better of betting tomorrow as I find Mondays markets particularly weak and thus much harder to trade.

Good look for the week ahead!

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  1. Hi mate,

    I have added a link on my blog to yours.

    Best of luck with the betting and trading - I hope you make it pay.