Thursday, 22 January 2009

Poll Results

With yet more racing cancelled and the quality of the racing that was left on the AW not being great and the going at the other meeting being Heavy I got on with finishing off some of the job I mentioned the other day.

Tomorrow's weather doesn't look great so I may try and get my jobs finished off and not bother with tomorrow if there are cancellations. Hopefully next week will be back to normal.

So today I will just do a quick discussion on the poll results that I conducted this week and am most grateful for people taking the time to vote.

As we all know there are many ways to use Betfair and it looks from the results most of you use the site in several ways. The main ways are to Back, Lay and Trade. Obviously there are other ways to use Betfair and it can be used in conjunction with other sites to make a profit but I personally don't do that.

As you will know I look to Back and Lay in the week and trade on the weekends. I find this arrangement works well for me though I will review it in time and see if I might be better trading in the week as well as betting. I enjoy all three disciplines as it challenges you in many different ways.

It would be quite interesting to know if those of you who just do one of the main 3 have actually tried doing some of the others and if not why not? Also it would be interesting to know if you tried them but decided to say stop laying but carry on with backing and trading.

I started out as I guess a lot of people do thinking that laying is the easiest way to make money - well how hard can it be to pick a loser??? Well once you actually start doing it you soon realise that it isn't as easy as you first thought. But try and pick a winner and they never win - lol.

So after getting stung on the laying front I went back to straight backing, then after reading through some of the other blogs and forums around I got into trading and slowly ended up getting back to laying be much more selectively than I was at first. I then started to venture inplay.

I still just use my home ATR and RUK pictures but really must get to an exchange shop one of these days and see if there really is as much as an advantage to be had as people say. Anyone any views on them?

Finally, I would like to say it is good to see there is a mixture to what everyone does as we really could not operate without one group. Traders, need backers and layers and vice versa - we really are just one big happy family feeding Betfair!

Tomorrow doens

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