Thursday, 15 January 2009

Leading from the front

Today was a day of good luck and bad luck!

The day was going pretty slowly but it was becoming apparent that the leaders at Southwell were proving to be very hard to catch so I looked to back them inrunning and then lay off to ensure I didn't lose, this worked quite well as you can see below.

However a race later my bet on Johnee Joblot at Thurles went astray when the horse came to the last race cantering all over the others and looking sure to get up and win me a nice amount. However, in what proved to be a crazy period the horse ran out at the final fence and my mone
y was down the pan.

Things quickly improved in the next race though when I clicked to back Just Smudge and got matched at 3.2 which was very nice. I quickly laid off my bet at 1.13 to ensure I couldn't lose on the race and ended up picking up a further £80 odd.

Just when I thought things were back on track I got done again this time at Ludlow where my prerace bet given to me by one of the tipping services I use was home and hosed only for the jockey to 'fall' off in the last couple of meters when it was well clear leaving the horse in second, who had been matched for about £300 at 1000.0, to come through and pick up one of the most unlikely of wins!

On the whole a respectable enough day but boy did things go against me at times!


  1. Hi mate,

    Just linked you up on my blog.

    Wish you all the best with this, as a matter of interest which tipping services do you use ?


  2. Good Luck. Keep your confidence level high and you will have a built in edge.

    PLease visit my blog that I started and maybe you can post on your site.

    Thank you