Saturday, 17 January 2009

Just a quick post

Hello to anyone who is reading my posts. I am just going to do a very quick post today as I want to watch the Arsenal v Hull game on Sky.

Today was a great days racing and one to enjoy. I can't say I enjoyed it hugely at times as when trading the pre race markets I was caught by a few big orders that came into the market and cost me. I did some straight betting today with the bookmakers and on Betdaq that went ok but nothing really to write home about, the tipsters weren't up to much really and my own bets didn't exactly all go to plan.

On weekends I like to really have a go at trading the pre race markets as the markets are a lot better than during the week. In the week you see a lot of what I call spoofing where someone will put up an amount, usually several thousand to try and push the price
in the direction they want. On the weekend with a lot more people punting the markets are so liquid they can't get away with this.

Overall it was a good days trading but as I said before I was caught by a good few large orders coming into the market which wiped out my profit on the race and led to small 'actual' losses. If I have say £30 green on a race and that gets reduced to £5, I count that as a £25 loss even though I haven't actually lost anything if you get what I mean????

Anyway here is my P/L from my trading account today.

Hope you had a good day - time for a beer and the football - enjoy!

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