Thursday, 29 January 2009

Leading from the front - yet again

Well it happened again today - Southwell was on and again I was looking for those leaders winning. I hope anyone who has been following the blog has been following this advice of late as it will have paid very well over the last few meetings.

Today was my first day back after my break as I mentioned in my last post. As I have had a few days away from it recently I thought I should take things steady to begin with which meant there were not really any fireworks or much of not to be quite honest in the first couple of hours of today's racing.

However, then came the 3.20 and Aureate - it got of to a good start and was soon leading though taking a keen hold. With the last 2 meetings showing a definite bias to
wards the leaders I thought odds of 25.0 was far to generous and I clicked to back - unfortunately I only got £5 matched at that price and could only get another £2 matched at 13.5

Before the off I had a little bit on Take Me There at 3.6 and as you can see I was taking things steady there with just £11 on it.

Aureate was headed over a furlong out however it came it was second wind and managed to get up to score by a head and beat El Diego who as you can see from the screen shot traded as low as 1.02!!!!

So all in all that race went very well and to be hone
st was the only highlight of the day, the rest of the day was not upto much, about breaking even on it but the big win in the 15.20 meant it was a £150 day which I will take everyday of the week!

Sorry I messed up the screenshot and you can't see Aureate fully but you can see the bets I placed.

I will be back posting regularly so please continu
e to read on and give me any advice you want or ask anything you want!


  1. Hi
    Enjoying the blog and some good info on Southwell again. I had a lay bet on El Diego so really pleased that Aureate kept going. What software are you using? Are you watching using a fast SIS type connection or attheraces/racing uk on broadband (as I will doing when I get round to trying trading full time).
    Cheers Phil

  2. Hi Phil thanks for the comment - at least someone is reading then!

    Glad you are enjoying the blog and getting something from it and well done on your lay!

    In terms of software I use Bet Angel Pro and Bet Angel for Betdaq which is free. Bettrader also do a free basic version for Betfair but I prefer the Bet Angel version.

    In terms of pictures I have just standard ATR and RUK through my Sky Subscription and Setanta Subscription. The SIS and Turf TV pictures are clearly faster but the cost of those means I can't justify them and nor can I justify using an exchange shop which charge about £50 a day.

    I would not use the internet pictures for betting inrunning as they are delayed badly.

    Keep on reading!