Monday, 19 January 2009

The Weather Strikes Again

Just when I thought we were turning the corner the weather has stuck again!

Lingfield's card today was called off yesterday not long after I did my post and this was then followed up by the Fairyhouse meeting that was called off on Sunday and rescheduled for Tuesday also being called off.

Things don't look overly promising for the other meetings on Tuesday with inspections planned at both Leicester and Sedgefield on Tuesday morning ahead of racing.

Fingers crossed they go ahead - the number of meetings lost already this year must be some kind of record!


  1. Hi there,

    I'm reading...just so you know your time spend writing isn't going to waste! I'm having a bit of a torrid time betting at the moment but as a casual gambler I'm not too worried as I'm only playing with 'winnings'.

    Definitely need to spend some time learning the art of trading but as a full-time student it's difficult...I should at least wait until my exams are over in a couple of weeks!

    Good luck today.

  2. hi , just found your blog page , am hoping to learn to trade full time myself mainly football and tennis i think trading at moment part time , trying to build confidence to put digger stakes down !! what size stakes and banks do you use ?

  3. Hi Sunny - thanks for leaving a comment, it is much appreciated and I am glad to know at least a few people are reading :)

    I think a lot of people are having a tough time of it at the moment. With all the cancellations and delays to racing it can be tough, especially for trading.

    Don't neglect your exams, get them out of the way before trying trading. Education is your priority - good luck in them!

    Anony,pus - many thanks also for leaving a comment. I personally don't trade football and tennis. Mainly because I don't really know much about them. There are some good blogs on tennis and football trading though so have a loook for those.

    I use a bank of £1,000 and try and use as much of it as possible. I mainly just trade on the weekends for the reasons I said in my post. On these days you can easily use more than what I do but yu need to be happy with risking those amounts.

    Build up slowly as you learn to trade. Make the errors we all make with the small stakes and learn from them and gradually build up. I started out with using £50.

    Best of luck!