Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Leading from the front part 2

Just a quick post as I have some other stuff to do this morning. I had planned to do this post after racing yesterday but I ended up watching all the coverage of the inauguration from America - the 'beast' seriously can't do much more than 1 mile to the gallon!!!!

Anyway, last Thursday I did a post about the leader bias at Southwell and how I used it to my advantage. Well I was on the look out for it again yesterday and it was still there even if it took some jockeys until the last to realise!

I had a good day being able to get some nice prices on the leaders, I messed up the screen grab below but the profit on the winner was £66. I am not sure how Spencer's mount was 4.
1 when I laid it, I wish I had laid more, but don't we all when one gets beat. I also backed the second horse in order to cover my position incase we were caught up front. I just wish I had had more on at 9.0 on the leader!!!

The leader bias was there all day and I got some nice price on Spencers mount in the last. I will be keeping an eye out for it again next time they race at Southwell and I hope you do as well!

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